Monday, January 23, 2012

Boiled Cabbage - A critique

Loving Mother who insists that something green be served with every meal: "Well.  What did you think of the boiled cabbage tonight?"

9 year old boy who puts up with his mom's neurotic notions: "It was good.  Ya know, just kinda water."

Who knows what happens to our tastebuds as we get older.  All of the sudden, collards and field peas begin to sound like a delicious combination.  On the other side of the coin, I tried some Chef Boyardee the other day and almost had to spit it out!  Yuck!  And to think I grew up on that stuff!

Somethings things don't change though.  I found this recipe on Bakerella today.  My mouth began to water and I am quickly scanning through the ingredients to see what was used.  My son walked up and with an awed looked on his face asked, "Can you cook that for supper tomorrow night?"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sweet Little Kindle Case AND A New Wallet

Ahhhh, now that Christmas is over, life is slowly returning back to the routine I so dearly love!  Over the holidays I had a chance to skip out of shopping for others and take a look at some FABRIC!  Am I the only one who gets excited about that?? 

I found some adoreable yellow, green, and grey fabric.  I was very spring-like but that didn't stop me from making several people a cosmetic bag for Christmas.  See post below.

My daughter received a kindle for Christmas and since I was almost out of the fabric I added a little burlap (and we all know how I feel about burlap).

I liked it so much, another Envelope System Wallet was born a couple of days later.  Cute, huh??

If you are interested in purchasing the wallet, visit my Etsy Shop for more information!