Monday, April 8, 2013

Envelope System Wallet and NEW Purse

I wanted to share my newest Envelope System Wallet!  It is perfect for your cash-only budgeting system! 
The wallet includes a large zippered pocket (my checkbook , without cover, can fit), three customizeable fabric envelopes and an outer wallet that has plenty of room for addition wallet "things". 
 The little bag is made of burlap and is a cross body bag.  It is so light and airy, you hardly know it is there.  Just large enough for your Envelope System Wallet, car keys, phone and a few other necessities, it is perfect to just grab and go.

 For more detailed information, you can find this wallet and purse for sell in my ETSY SHOP.
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AmieAnn said...

Ohhh! You had me at burlap bag! I just adore your bag and the fabrics are gorgeous.. great job~
Amie @ Pinkapotamus

anastasia anezinis said...

nice bag!good job!

نجيم فكري said...

good share and nice blog !
العاب تلبيس