Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Planning Monday!

Ok - I getting back on the bandwagon! I have been so excited the response that my Envelope System wallet has received! Orders and requests are keeping me plenty busy! Thanks to everyne who has left a sweet comment and helped me promote this item. I received some more fabric over the weekend and will be making the wallet in them too.
My menu plan for the week has already been messed up - in a good way. I was planning homemade chicken fingers last night, but my husband returned from a father son camping trip with left over fried fish. So we had fish sandwiches instead.
Monday - Baked Chicken, zucchini fries, brown rice.
* The chicken is in a great marinade - about 1/2 balsalmic vinegar, 1 T. fresh chopped pasrley, 1/2 t. crushed red pepper, a pinch of dried thyme, pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper. Wisk in about 1/2 cup olive oil and pour over the chicken. I did this yesterday and it has soak overnight.
Tuesday - Dad Cooks - Burgers with over roasted potatoes and sauted asparagus.
Wednesday - Crock pot roast beef with potatoes and onions. Served with green beans.
Thursday - Trader Joes Frozen Chicken Kabobs, with spinach salad, corn on the cob.
Yum! Have a great week! Find more great meals at Organization Junkie!


Kiy said...

Great menu, have a great week!


Lindy said...

Your menu looks tasty! Don't you just love Trader Joe's? Thanks for letting me know about ordering Amy Butler fabric, I'll definitely have to try it! I am a novice sew-er/ seamstress. I am definitely looking into sewing lessons though!

Shilah said...

Girl Scout cookies are addicting. It's hard not to eat a ton of them since I have a daughter that sells them now. Your menu sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing that chicken marinade. Oh, and I just have to say Trader Joe's is awesome. I try to do the bulk of my shopping there.

evieandme said...

hi there - how much balsamic vinegar do I put in the marinade? Would really like to try this - it looks lovely:-)