Monday, November 23, 2009

Multitude Mondays - More Than I Need

I am thankful for God's creation....

1. Quiet mornings
2. cracking pecans in front of a burning fire
3. long phone calls with my mom
4. cold rainy days inside a warm house
5. a child's ability to laugh with their whole being
6. intimate conversations with a spouse
7. chocolate dessert with ice cream
8. family movie night
9. sewing time
10. my beautiful home
11. a refrigerator full of food
12. a shiny, clean car (the outside at least:)
13. aprons
14. crisp apples and tart oranges
15. a great smelling candle
16. my wonderfully, and fearfully made family
17. bright, sunny days
18. monopoly with my daughter over popcorn and hot chocolate
19. snuggling with my son
20. time here on earth to experience God's goodness
21. music that makes your heart sing
22. our Sunday School class
23. BSA smoked turkeys
24. Christmas decorations
25. chubby baby cheeks
26. hand-me down furniture

Join me and many others who are counting our 1000 blessings at Holy Experience!


Heather of S-A-M said...

Precious List!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Game fan said...

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