Monday, January 11, 2010

Envelope System Wallet

After a very busy holiday, I am slowly cranking out more of the Envelope System Wallets! I will be listing 3 wallets today with a varying price range to accommodate different budgets! After a year, I am still using AND loving my wallet. I would like to take a moment and answer the most frequent questions I receive.

1. How many envelopes will fit in the wallet? My listings show 3 envelopes. You can request additional envelopes for $3.00 a piece. The wallet will realistically fit 5-6 envelopes. I actually have 6 envelopes that I use, but they are rarely all in my wallet at the same time. WHY YOU ASK? Because I would "dip" and spend out of them!! This is one of my favorite features about this wallet....THE ENVELOPES ARE REMOVABLE! The 3 that spend most of the time in my wallet are groceries, gas, and other. The other envelope usually has about $40 in it for incidentals like field trip $$ the kids need or haircuts. My other envelopes are only inserted when I am planning to use the money, like school clothing shop or Christmas shop.

2. Can I order additional envelopes? Yes, please see answer above.

3. Can I order special order my wallet in a certain fabric? Currently, my time does not allow me to do special orders. I have tried this before only to get really backed up in orders and I regretted the delayed shipping time. All wallets are pre-made.

4. How long before I receive my wallet? Within the week! Since all wallets are pre-made, I will add your customized labels and additional envelopes and ship using Priority Mail.

5. Will the labels come off? Not even if you wash them, which is what I managed to do accidentally (luckily not $$ was in it!).

6. How large is the outer wallet? This is an important question because we all want it big enough to suit our needs but still fit into our purses! The wallet is approximately 8.5 inches by 4.5 inches. If only 3 envelopes are in the wallet, you still have plenty of room for your checkbook, receipts, and whatever else you throw in!

7. My budget can not handle this purchase And I know how to sew. Will you be making a pattern for this wallet? YES! Well, eventually. I have been doing some preliminary work, but will probably not have a completed pattern ready for purchase until summer.

Thanks again! And be sure to visit my etsy shop!


amy and ann said...

SOOOOO glad you made more! yea, I hope I got your some orders with the news thingy. ??? I posted another thing recently to. XOXO. amy

wanderer_417 said...

Hi! I'm getting married in one month and as a poor college student, I love the envelope system. But I'm sick of the paper envelopes and I saw your cutie version!! I was just wondering if the zebra one and the brown one on Etsy are the only two available...I saw a really adorable pink and yellow one that I loved (pink is my favorite color)...but I couldn't find it to buy anywhere...Can you let me know what's available?? I would really appreciate it!
God Bless :)

wanderer_417 said...

Hi it's Lara again...I forgot to ask that if you do get this and are able to respond, could you send me an email to Thanks :)