Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flourless wheat-free COOKIES!

I thought I would share with you one of my families favorite cookies! This peanut butter cookie recipe is fool-proof!

We like ours with oatmeal added, but if your diet does not include oats, no problem! We also will add chocolate chips too! But let me warn you - we like our cookies crunchy on the outside and chewy and gooey on the inside!

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

1/2 stick butter, softened
1 C PB, smooth or crunchy
3/4 C. white sugar
3/4 C. brown sugar
3 T. corn syrup
2 eggs
1 t. vanilla extract
2 C. oatmeal (uncooked)
2t. baking soda
1 C. semi-sweet chocolate chips (optional)

Using a mixer, mix butter and peanut butter together for 2-3 minutes. Gradually, add each of the three sugars and mix well. Add both eggs and vanilla and continue to mix well.

Combine baking soda and oats then stir these into the batter. If adding chocolate chips, stir these in now also. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet. bake at 350 degrees for 9-12 minutes. Let cool for a couple of minutes before removing!

So you don't do oats??
Follow recipe above except, do not use any butter, and obviously, do not use the oats!

Need some extra fiber and omega 3s?
Follow the above recipe, except reduce oats by 1/4 cup and add in 1/4 milled flaxseed. I promise that your family will never know that it is there!

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