Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Story

One tween girly girl with day old braces

one rambunctious boy who turns 8 at 9:07pm

one average mom who carries a little more weight in the hips than she used to

one all-american dad who looks more distinguished with the years but still has his mischievous boyhood grin

leave breakfast dishes still half filled with homemade buttered biscuits dipping with thick honey

to don 6 layers of water absorbing cotton clothing (because purchasing real winter clothing here in the south is a waste of hard earned money)

to run out into the bright morning light to play, long before the mail has even run

all because they saw the water running down off the rooftops; a sign that the sun was keeping its promise to take their fun away!

Lord, please help us always to throw routine to the wind and take advantage of the gifts you give! Amen