Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A little Februaury Sewing Inspiration

I thought I would take a minute and show you a few things I have been working on!

I love this new Envelope System wallet! A suggestion from a promising customer influenced my fabric choices here. So cute and bright for spring!
This wallet can be purchased at my Etsy Shop!!

How cute is this Burlap sack? I have been eying some burlap for a while now. I tried to make an Envelope System Wallet using it, but Burlap does not do well for small projects. But this turned out better than expected! I love the flat bottom and hand applique! This bag is for a challenge project presented by my sewing design group! It is not ready for listing yet, but will be soon!

Happy Spring - or so the groundhog said!


Mama Sews! said...

I love the burlap bag! I've never considered making anything from burlap before...but not the wheels are turning. :) Great job, I love the pretty girly colors in the applique. It's a nice contrast.

amy and ann said...

Love seeing your new wallets. I need to order three more envelopes soon. No budget now. :)
I love your burlap bag too. I made curtains outof burlap once and loved sewing with it. Cheers! Amy

n*stitches said...

Thanks for the comments! I think I would like burlap curtains! I just love the natural look to the bag then it has all the dressed up qualities too! I am ready to make another this weekend!

Amy - don't you love those wallet combos? I wasn't sure in the beginning but as the wallet came together, I fell in love!

See ya!