Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I don't think this week can get any busier. Monday night is my faculty party at the school. I need to remember to tell teh babysitter to get the kids to the church for play practice. Tuesday night is my husband's work party and church play practice again but only for my daugther. Wednesday is yet practice. Thursday, I hope, is a normal day. Friday is our Sunday school party. Somehow we will get through. As a result of this incredibly crazy week, we have a very boring menu for this week. Much of it is already prepared and ready for a babysitter to heat it up.

Sunday Night: Sauted Chicken, rice, and greenbeans
Monday Night: Mac n'cheese, left-over green beans and grapes
Tuesday Night: Chicken kabobs with pasta and oranges
Wednesday Night: Crockpot Chuck Roast/ Oven roasted Veggies
Thursday Night: Frozen Chili and cornbread

To follow up on a few past recipes, I highly recommend the Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce. It takes a while to prepare so this is nice for special weekend meal. Even though it is just meatballs, it has a wonderful rich taste that is perfect for winter. It was a big hit with everyone.

The fried fish tacos were another favorite. Only suggestion, add a dish with tomatoes. Perhaps a quick tomato, black bean, lime juice, and onion salad or something. The kids didn't go for the avocado sauce, but loved everything else.

Find more great meals for the week at !


ilovemy5kids said...

The meatballs in wine sauce sounds awesome...I can't wait to look at your blog some more.

Thanks for the comment! Have a wonderful day! :)

Michelle said...

I am on a total meatball kick right now!! I will need to try these soon!

Thanks for the follow over at Momstoppable. Looking forward to your menu next week!

randi---i have to say said...

I always find menu planning to be the hardest when the week is super busy. Your menu looks quite good to me!

Kiy said...

I agree, your menu looks great. Add to the fact that you have things prepped and ready for the sitter. I am impressed. Good luck with your week, it *does* look busy!

Cheers, Kiy