Wednesday, July 20, 2011

T-Shirt Makeover

Player One: One Old T-Shirt
a. White Knit
b.  J. Jill
 c.  3/4 length sleeves
d. Wrap styling at bust
Player Two: Amateur Seamstress
a. Shown here sitting on the top of Stone Mountain
b. Daydreaming of giving old t-shirt a facelift
c. Nervous about working with knits
Equiptment: 12 year old Brother
Simplicity Serger (for backup)
 Game Play: It was a rough fight.  Neither side was willing to give in.  Seams were ripped apart.  Different tactics were employed by both sides.  There was the gnashing of teeth and sounds of muffled profanity.
Winners: None.  Now on to round two.

Ok, it wasn't bad for my first try. 

Problem number 1: Proportion.  Probably should have added the skirt just under the bust where the wrap ends. By the time I realized this, the fabric was already cut too short.

Problem number 2: My embellishment skills. The red stitching around neckline did not go with the overall look of dress.

Problem number 3:  I should have never removed the sleeves entirely.  It stretched the arm openings and I had to make a seam up the side to close them back.


imklvr said...

Well, it was a learning experience! But your play by play commentary was a winner! Fit for a Super Bowl! Loved it!

Coley said...

I love how you made it soo cute, even if there were a few bumps along the way!